A Working Relationship Should Be…


  1. Full of love. Love is important but it can not work on its own.
  2. Honesty. You should be able to be honest with your partner even if its something they dont want to hear.
  3. Open Communication. You should be able to openly talk about anything with your partner unless the both of you agree not to talk  about something.
  4. Forgiveness. Never hold a grudge against your partner. It will eventually way on your relationship and ruin it.
  5. Accepting things even if you don’t want to hear it. Let your partner know that its okay to talk about things.
  6. Don’t Let pride get the best of you. Your partner should come first.
  7. Don’t say sorry unless you mean it. If you say it in you don’t mean it, then the truth will eventually show.
  8. Be yourself don’t try to be perfect. Your partner should accept you as you are not for what you pretend to be.
  9. Learn to make up. Every couple has fights and its okay. Make up with each other don’t stay angry at one another.
  10. Stop talking about your ex! You’re in a new relationship. Let the past be the past.
  11. Stop comparing past partners with your current partner. It could hinder you badly.

Don’t just read this list, learn from it.




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