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First I would like to start out by saying welcome to my new blog “vNatural”. I named it vNatural because I wanted the word Natural Hair Queensnatural in the title, I didn’t want it too long and I wanted it to be simple and easy to remember. I also  didn’t want the title to revolve around hair because for me this new blog is about everything but not as much about hair. I am still going to post hair my natural inspirations, etc but I will be touching basis with other subjects too.

Back on track..

Right now I am at the point in my hair journey where I’ve done so much research that I’ve just had…ENOUGH of it lol. I know about the natural recipes, I know the do and dont’s, I know my hair curl pattern, I know its porosity, I know how to seal properly and the methods that come along with it. The only thing right now that I have to battle with is keeping up with my stock of products, daily maintenance and patience.

Taking care of your hair can be as simple or as hard as you make it and this doesn’t only apply to hair, its applies to ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE.

With that being said, a month or 2 ago I was doing my hair and it was feeling strange. My hair felt crunchy like how cereal feels when you smash it. So I went straight to Google didn’t find much so I asked the question to a group on fb. I specifically asked for 4c hair people because you know even though people say hair type doesn’t matter, to me it does. Some hair types go through a lot of things that other hair types don’t at all or as much. So when I asked the question I completely forgot to say I dyed my hair and someone gave me the right answer. If you dyed your hair it’s probably over processed or damaged from the dye. Prior to me posting that question I had already chopped a  large amount of hair off of my head because I realized the ends were dead and damaged from the dye and my hair wasn’t taking in moisture.

So after posting that the page owner posted something along the lines “Learn your hair”. I knew the post may have been directed toward me and my question but I didn’t really read too much into it because she always posts things about learning your hair and helpful information. After that a week or 2 past and I was looking at my hair in the mirror and I wasn’t liking it at all. I even considered giving into a relaxer for like 3 seconds then I snapped out of it. So I began thinking how can I help my hair and I immediately thought,”GOOGLE!!!” Then I said,”No I have to start figuring this out on my own.” Then it clicked. LEARN YOUR HAIR! I finally understood what she meant by “learn your hair”.

I had been reading all this information testing and trialing it without even learning a single thing about my hair. I was just going through the motions but I didn’t know how to take care of my hair by myself I was always researching the answer non-stop. I kept retaining all this information but I actually never learned anything about my hair and how it reacts to it. Whats good for it or how it acts during certain times. I didn’t/don’t know my hair.

So right now I am at the point where I am trying to learn my hair. How my 4c hair works. What happens to it when cold water is poured on it vs hot water. How it reacts to protein treatments, when it needs to be washed, whats the best protective style.

For the time being that is what my hair journey will be about and of course my discoveries and what I’ve been doing to my hair. To everyone good luck on your journey!




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